Adelaide Massage Therapy

Ash & Thorn: Herbals & Holistic Remedies

At Adelaide Massage Therapy, I am proud to carry this line of herbal products, made by my very dear friend Nina Savino. The creation of these products embody the values of environmental care that Nina And I share. Below I share with you a quick introduction and some information about her products. For a more extensive look, you can also visit her website or follow her journey on Instagram!

Ninetta (Nina) Savino is the founder of Ash & Thorn Herbals & Holistic Remedies.

She is an activist, animal lover, slightly extroverted introvert, herbalist, bully to her inner kid, trailblazer, creator, and artist.

She harbours a deep appreciation for the amazing bounty nature has to offer and believes we are the stewards of this land. She is passionate about the earth, it's animals and people. As a long time activist, she is conscious about creating products using ethically sourced ingredients; she uses responsibly wild-crafted and cultivated ingredients as well as local and organic ingredients when available. 

Production of is done in small quantity batches to ensure quality, integrity and intention. 

"These handmade herbal remedies are my heart and I offer them to you." - Ninetta Savino