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NEW PATIENTS: I will only be taking new patients upon referral from current patients. Please call or text (306-261-3507) to book your initial assessment. 



Methods of payment: Cash, Cheque and E-transfer are accepted, and should be paid upon receipt of treatment. 

30 Minute Manual Osteopathic Therapy: $70.00

45 Minute Manual Osteopathic Therapy: $90.00

60 Minute Manual Osteopathic Therapy: $110.00

75 Minute Manual Osteopathic Therapy: $135.00

90 Minute Manual Osteopathic Therapy: $160.00

(GST is included) 

Please bring a pair of loose-fitting gym clothes or loose sweatpants and a comfortable T-shirt or tanktop to change into for your session. For females, please refrain from wearing a bra (underwire or sports bra), as these types of tight-fitting garments can make it more difficult for me to evaluate subtle patterns of restriction that may, in fact, be the case of your symptoms for which you are seeking my services.

30 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment: $60.00

45 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment: $80.00

60 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment: $100.00

75 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment: $122.50

90 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment: $144.50

(GST is included)


Please note that if my calendar is showing that I am unavailable during regular business hours, you may have advanced to the following year. To avoid this, do not click the double arrow button to look through the calendar.