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Welcome to our Online Booking Center

Upon arrival, please come in through the front door and take a seat in the waiting room. Please note that this is a fragrance free clinic and they ask that you refrain from wearing any synthetic fragrances. 

If this is your first visit, please note that there will be a health history and consent form to fill out, so please do arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. 



Methods of payment: Cash, Cheque and E-transfer are accepted, and should be payed upon receipt treatment. 

45 Minute Manual Osteopathic Therapy: $90.00

60 Minute Manual Osteopathic Therapy: $110.00

75 Minute Manual Osteopathic Therapy: $135.00

90 Minute Manual Osteopathic Therapy: $160.00

New patients booking an osteopathy session, please book the 90 minute initial assessment and consider booking a follow up appointment within the next 2 weeks. 

30 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment: $55.00

45 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment: $72.50

60 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment: $90.00

75 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment: $110.00

90 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment: $130.00

120 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment: $170.00

(GST is included)


Please note that if my calendar is showing that I am unavailable during regular business hours, you may have advanced to the following year. To avoid this, do not click the double arrow button to look through the calendar.